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ASPIS Academy Career Development Session – March 7th, at 14:00 (CET)

The next ASPIS Academy career development session will take place on March 7th, at 14:00 (CET).
During this session, Elisabeth Andrews (PrecisionTox) and Mei Yee will share invaluable insights on
the art of connecting with the audience and delivering presentations that inspire collaboration.
Their expertise promises to offer us new perspectives and actionable strategies to enhance our
presentation skills.

The speakers will focus on:

  • Strategies for dynamic presentation delivery
  • Connecting with your audience effectively
  • Tips for research leadership communication

To learn more about our speakers, please visit their Linkedin profiles:

Mei Yee C. | LinkedIn
Elisabeth Andrews | LinkedIn

If you are an ASPIS member interested in joining this session, please get in touch with us at

The ASPIS Academy is a network of ASPIS early-stage researchers (ESRs) interested in developing and using NAMs in toxicology. The ASPIS Academy promotes the careers of ESRs by providing specialized training, promoting equal opportunity for all members, and setting up a space where the ideas and dreams of a new generation of young scientists can shine.