ASPIS Academy

Meet the Core Team

Eliška Kuchovská

Eliska Kuchovska is the chair of the ASPIS Academy and represents the ONTOX project. She is a postdoctoral researcher working at the Leibniz Research Institute for Environmental Medicine in Germany. She is fascinated by the complexity of brain development and is developing human-relevant New Approach Methodologies that assess the impacts of chemicals on brain development.

Luiz Ladeira

Luiz Ladeira is a postdoctoral researcher in in silico medicine at the Biomechanics Research Unit, GIGA Molecular & Computational Biology, University of Liege, and represents the ONTOX project. He is an enthusiast of computational technologies in biology and medicine and on the development of non-animal new approach methodologies. Hi is also a member of the VPH Institute and the Avicenna Alliance.

Gaëlle Hayot

Gaëlle Hayot is a postdoctoral researcher at Karlsruher Institute for Technology (KIT) as part of the PrecisionTox project. Her main interest is the genetic and environmental regulation of the nervous system development, using the zebrafish model.

Ruben Martinez

Ruben Martinez is working as a researcher at LEITAT technological center, contributing to the PrecisionTox project. Focusing in the past in the omic foodprints of endocrine disrupting chemicals in zebrafish, his actual work focuses on environmental risk assessment, studying the environmental hazard of several materials at different trophic levels.

Barira Islam

Barira Islam is a Senior research scientist at Quantitative Systems Toxicology and Safety group at Certara Predictive Technologies, UK. She works for the RISK-HUNT3R project, utilizing computational modeling techniques for the chemical risk assessment. Her work involves building physiologically-based kinetic models to predict concentrations of compounds in vivo and biokinetics modeling to estimate  distribution of compounds in in vitro assays.

Kirsten Veltman

Kirsten Veltman is a PhD-candidate at the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment of the Netherlands (RIVM) and Leiden Academic Centre for Drug Research (LACDR). Her work for RISK-HUNT3R focuses on next generation risk assessment of suspected non-genotoxic carcinogens inducing oxidative stress.

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