ASPIS Academy

The purpose of the ASPIS Academy is to build a viable early-stage researchers (ESRs) network focused on the use of novel approach methodologies (NAMs) for chemical risk assessment. The ASPIS Academy promotes the careers of ESRs by providing specialized training, promoting equal opportunity for everyone and by creating a platform devoted to the voices and aspirations of a new generation of young scientists who are the natural experts of NAMs and their applications.

ASPIS Academy strategy plan

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  • Provide an effective and sustainable communication channel for ESRs

  • Support ESR-led activities such as webinars and face-to-face meetings throughout the project, including special symposia and poster sessions at cluster meetings

  • Help grow the careers of ESRs and create job opportunities

  • Organise social and professional networking events


This initiative is coordinated by the ASPIS communication and dissemination working group (C&D WG). A survey distributed among the ESRs highlighted their desire to focus on training that can accelerate their career development and diversity their career opportunities. The results of this survey also showed that the training sessions on science communication and the translation of science to policy and action were the most popular topics for the Academy. On this basis, the ASPIS Academy has taken shape and remains responsive to the evolving needs of ESRs.


Most recently, the ASPIS Open Symposium 2022 at the ESTIV Congress 2022 hosted two training sessions for ESRs on science communication and artificial intelligence for reproducible research, a social event, and the distribution of the Best Poster Award.

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